When does a ‘first love’ begin?

“When was your first love?”

You get this question once in a while as long as you are a social human being. I got into this topic recently with a friend of mine and it struck me; what really is a ‘first love’?

Ever since you were born you had emotions. Emotions can differ in various categories such as joy, interest, anger, distress, disgust, and et cetera. What about love? Is that an emotion? Or is that a whole other concept?

Before we get into the topic of first loves, I want to set a clear ground on the concept of love itself. I recognise the fact that I am not a ‘love expert’- theoretically and literally – but I can definitely express my opinion on the concept itself. I believe that love is definitely an emotion. But I also believe that it is so much more complex than just an emotion. Just like how an emotion is different from a feeling or a sense. A feeling or a sense, in my definition, is a bodily feeling; a physical reaction. For me an emotion is something that derives from within – something that derives from your heart. And that is what I believe, leads to love. Hence, it just makes me conclude that love is something along the lines of an emotion.

Now we have drawn a line to what love really is: a derivation from emotion yet more than the concept. Please do note that this my opinion only and I am only entitled to this opinion by my thoughts from my head. Then, we should answer the ultimate question: what is the standard of a ‘first love’?

The answer is so cliché but I must advocate the truth: the standard doesn’t exist. (This somehow reminds me of when Lindsay Lohan said: “The limit does not exist!” in Mean Girls) As complex love is on its own, for myself or for actually, anyone to draw a line when it first begins is nonsense.

Now, I know this topic has been leading up this. When was my first love?

I don’t quite remember when my first love was. I just know for a fact that I have loved someone during the past years that I have lived in this world. And I don’t believe first love should just be between your significant other. You can really love your parents and that could be your first love; you can genuinely adore a true friend and that could be your beginning. Who knows? But I will tell you what I remember so far. And I won’t talk about my parents because, honestly, how boring would that be?

I think it was back when I was in elementary school. I was in second grade and I was a tiny, shy little kid. I am still a shy kid; the only difference is that I am a lot bigger than I was back then. I was in division 5 and he was in my class. I am not really sure what he exactly looked like but I remember he had chocolate-brown hair and matching eyes. He wore rimmed glasses, I believe. It was a rarity to see a second grader wearing glasses but I think he liked to read a lot, which explains the glasses. I wore glasses too. I totally thought we were soulmates just because of that, being naïve.

I imagined a lot about him before I went to bed. Nothing dirty, mind you, I was in second grade. I imagined just trivial things about him. I wanted to know what he talked about with his friends, what kind of books he read, and just every little bits and pieces that I could manage to scrap up in my 9-year-old brain. It was cute, thinking back to it. And I wish it could have just stayed that way forever. Resting in my mind as a beautiful memory and something to look back upon years later – just like I am doing right now.

But something happened. My best friend at the time, obviously knew about my little crush on him. I actually liked him for 2 consecutive years and we always seemed to end up in the same class. I really thought this was like a meant-to-be. I honestly did. By the time I reached fourth grade, my second year of liking him from afar, I thought I had the courage to tell him. I mustered up all my strength and confessed….not to him but to my best friend.

Now you would ask, why? It was because I wanted to tell someone about this feeling I had so buried deep inside of me but I was too shy. So I decided to just kind of tell her. But this friend of mine was nice. Too nice. She decided confess to him for me. The word got out and naughty classmates – boys, actually – went around the hallway yelling at the top of their lungs. For a shy person like me, that is an absolute nightmare.

Just a few years ago, I spent a bit of time alone thinking about it and decided for myself that the feeling, the emotion I had all those years ago wasn’t love. At least, it definitely wasn’t my first love. But now I stand corrected. Whatever it was, or whatever age I was, love is still love and humans are definitely capable of loving another being even when they are still a bit young.

So, whether you are in love with the boy next door, or you are infatuated by a celebrity, and you can even just adore a really good friend; love is still love. This is what I believe in and despite all the things that people might raise about the concept of love, one thing still remains as it is.

Love is beautiful.

Do keep it when you have it and treasure it when it comes.


P.S. I am sorry I haven’t been posting really anything on this blog lately – I’ve gone to a new school which you would know if you are one of my regular visitors – But I’ve gotten accustomed to this school and I can definitely post more now that I am better adjusted. Thank you for those who are sticking by and reading my somewhat tedious posts! Love you all! -Sally


Should a country be liberal or illiberal?

Humans are social creatures. We are affected by the environment around us and that makes it vital for the environment to be free of all negative factors of our society. Hence, men have searched in various ways to attain that state. Throughout the history of time, men have fought for dominance, fought and bled their way through torturous wars, and sought a single goal that seemed to be nonexistent; the men themselves never really knew what they were fighting for, resulting a chaos in its own form. Fortunately, in the world that we inhabit now, it is a rarity to see such wars and miserable occurrences since — as people usually remark — times have changed. We now live in a world where one individual is independent of the supreme power and has the right to speak up for oneself. Alas, there are still nations out there where people do not have the right to defend and to pronounce for themselves. I believe that everyone around the world should have that right. In order for that in the long run, a country needs to be liberal and open.

Imagine a blank piece of paper. If you look at it, it is literally nothing more than a paper. However, if you look at it closed up with a microscope, you would be able to see that each piece of paper is unique. The material, the colour, and even the texture of the pulp that the paper is made out of is different. And it is not surprising that this uniqueness is what enables us to utilise paper the way we do now. The same method applies to a nation; a society. If a country is liberal, one of the advantages that it can attain from it is that it can be full of colours. Why is this so important, you may ask. Well, a society is formed by different personalities coming together and forming a group. That way, even if the colours clash, a society has a chance to develop. On the contrary, an illiberal country would be restrained back from projecting that uniqueness to the public thus making our society bland and tasteless. For instance, look at an oppressed nation like North Korea. I remember seeing a picture on the internet where it showed a satellite photo of the country taken from space. At night, North Korea was barely visible to the naked eye if it weren’t for the Ocean surrounding the peninsula. In contrast, South Korea, a more liberal country, was full of colourful lights and flashes that simply made the country more lively and desirable. After all, it is vital for the citizens to want to live in their homeland.

In addition, try to take yourself back to when you were thirteen. Going through puberty, trying to adjust to new friends and just generally feeling that unmerited hate for your parents. Albeit knowing your parents just really care for you and they just want the best for you, you just want nothing to do with them. This is why parenting is one of the hardest yet one of the most important roles a human being can play in a play called life. During parenting, it can go in two separate ways. One being the oppressive and bossy parent that tells their children to do as they say and another being the more lenient one. Even though cases may differ, the chances are that the child that was grown with more conservative parents will grow up conservative. In even more extreme cases, the child could rebel against his or her own parents and decide to take things into one’s own hands. This case is a pain in the back for parents — imagine what it would be like if a whole nation were to be like this? The other positive side of being a liberal country is thus here: liberal countries, unlike those illiberal, have a less chance of violent and inappropriate rebellion but a smoother road to development in the long run. Despite the fact that many argue society needs these rebellions, I believe that the time, money, and peoples’ lives put into this cause is worth more and should be valued. To value these morals, shouldn’t we leave the door unlocked in the first place?

Liberal or illiberal, a country shall be a country. However, myself advocating the idea of liberalism in countries, I believe that it can bring more colour and liveliness into our society and also provide a smoother way to development without the need of peoples’ efforts wasted. Individuals form a group and groups come together as a country. If we were to restrict them by being illiberal, wouldn’t we be, in the long run, restricting ourselves?

Korean “Puffy Eyes” Makeup Look (Kpop makeup, easy to do)

This is the 애굣살 메이크업 (Aegyotsal Makeup) Look that is really popular among Koreans and Kpop stars. This look is well known for its shiny under-eye area that they accentuate with eyeshadows or cream liners.

I took my own approach on this (I didn’t get anywhere near this but still) I was able to portray a really easy way to get this look. This look can be worn on a daily basis or even at nighttime. So it’s an all-in-one kind of look.

I am definitely not a professional makeup artist so please be aware of that….. I am sure a lot of you guys can do a much better job than I did. This is my first tutorial. Ever.

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Thank you~~~!


Bucket List #15: Learn how to dance (Completed from 11.24~ still learning)

So I have always wanted to learn how to dance.

I mean, I knew how to dance, kind of. But I wanted to learn a choreographed dance. You know, going one, two, three, four and to the left, to the right…and stuff like that. So since I thought this winter break could be an opportunity to learn this once in for all. I mean, a bucket list isn’t just there for you to look at it. It’s there for you so you can start scratching things off it and achieve dreams and strive to dream even more and bigger.

Nevertheless, I am in no way saying that I have mastered the art of dancing. I just picked up this one choreographed k-pop dance routine. I am Korean so I generally like K-pop. I used to have this bias about K-pop that it is watered down and too mainstream. But now I just really appreciate the hard work put into each song and each dance routine (Trust me it is difficult to get all the steps right they are very tightly choreographed).

The first routine I learned this week was 송지은’s 예쁜 나이 25살. That is Sweet 16 but it’s not 16, it’s Sweet 25. It’s a bit different here. 16 is not a sweet age it’s more of a bitter age. Anyways, back on topic.

I’ll insert a video of the dance routine of Ji-Eun and her dance crew practicing the routine. It’s a lovely song about becoming a true woman from an innocent shy girl.

It’s great. I have classes three days a week and I managed to pick up that whole routine in just 3 days! I should have done this sooner!

Next week our class will be learning AOA’s 사뿐사뿐 (Like a cat). It’s such an amazing dance routine I mean like, woah, I thought it was an actual cat dancing. Here is the clip of actually AOA themselves dancing to the sultry song.

So yeah this has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to further my dancing skills!

Good luck and go ahead and find your dreams too!


Bucket List #6: Go to a great high school (Completed 2014. 11. 26)

Going to a great high school was #6 on my bucket list. I started this list on 2014.09.21 and some of the things on there were already completed before I made the list. So I really didn’t want to have to go through all of those again and re-post them. For instance, I have “learn how to snowboard” on my bucket list and I learned how to do that 3 years ago…..So yeah. I will probably re-post them when I go snowboarding again….someday I am sure it will happen. Doing this new bucket-list category thing has really made me feel an attachment to my blog, actually. If that makes any sense….:)

I always like to include stories, pictures, anecdotes, and a lot of other media I can utilise to make me story more REAL. So… although I didn’t take photos of the school itself yet, but I am going to edit them in when I go to the freshmen orientation next Thursday (can you believe it is already December how time flies by!)

So I want to break this story down into two parts. This bucket list is “go to high school” so I am going to explain how I got into this high school (and trust me going into high school, especially a private high school like mine, is EXTREMELY difficult).

I live in South Korea.

In South Korea, there are two moments of one’s life.

There is the life before you go to university and the life after you go to university. A university itself is more than just a place where you can strengthen your ability to think and expand you knowledge. It is a social rank and your so-called “label”.

And I know a lot of people are going to criticise me for saying this, calling out that I am generalising the entire population and/or just picking out a common misconception/prejudice.

But I’m not. I say on behalf of the 16 years of my experience in this country and yes, for most people, it is this way. And I’m not saying this is a bad thing or an exclusive life struggle. I realise in life there are struggles for everyone, just in different forms.

Anyways, getting back on topic. University is just that important for one if you happen to live here. And just before university is high school. I am currently in middle school and I am in the graduates’ class. Getting into a so-called “prestigious” and “famous” high school will grant you an easier access to university, by no means. Therefore the war between students began.

The high school I got into is the 7nd most high-ranked high school in all of South Korea. The way they rank the high schools is simple. Get higher marks on the college entrance exams (commonly known as Suneung in Korea) the higher rank you get.

So yeah it is a pretty tough school.

This year, more than 800 people applied. On the first step of the selection progress, we had to hand in our test scores. I managed to get in the English department, which is the most desired therefore the most competitive department. Only 500 people made it past the first step.

The next step of the process is an interview with the schools’ staff and handing in your school reports (basically what you did at school and what kind of activities you had partaken after school) and also your self-introduction essay.

I am never the type to get jitters before a big exam or a show or anything of that sort. Therefore I was able to get through the interview quite easily. I think the hardest part was just waiting. Waiting for the results, waiting until it is my turn to speak, waiting for the interview to be over, waiting to get in.

Today at precisely around 4:00 PM, the school’s website had a new notice. I checked frantically for my number, 00216. Right there on the fourth row, there was my number. I screamed, my mother screamed and we ended up in tears. Yeah, it is that dramatic. I felt as if I were starring in a pre-teen novel.

Today, I haven’t done really anything but just daydream.

But I realise that starting tomorrow, I will have to go back to studying and more studying because that is what life is in Korea, at least for someone my age. However, I believe that somehow….I have more confidence. I have more strength and I have more faith for myself. If I did this, why not other things? The world is full of possibilities and I think it is a waste not to grasp it.

Sorry, this kind of ended up into a motivational speech.

So this has been great. I think through my hardships and tears and also bittersweet laughters, I was able to grow. I was able to reach beneath my skin and really discover my true self and genuinely feel the desire. The desire is the key.

So this was my experience. Ended up a bit longer than I expected, but hey if you read this far, my hand goes out to you, my good friend.

Well, good luck!


How to lose weight while not holding back pizza

So I’ve recently started the 1-meal-a-day diet and it’s been about 5 days and I have dropped about 2kg and kept it off for the most part. (2kg=4 lbs? I think not so sure)

So let me lay out all the pros and cons of this diet and I am going to be comparing this diet to eating 3 meals of protein-packed, carb-free, and whatever is considered a “healthy diet” plan.


1. You can eat whatever the fuck you want.

The most stressful thing ever about dieting is the fact that you have to hold back. I know that it might not sound like a great deal- you know holding back a certain foods to gain that ultimate goal. But you know what let’s face it. We’re humans. A diet, even a really short one should take more than 100 days to complete at the least. So imagine not having like any of the greatest food ever for over 100 days. Ew.

At least for me, I found it really difficult, being on a long term diet and all…. So I found that this kind of works. After all, I like pizza.

2. You can be flexible

By flexible, I mean you can play around with calories. There is no need for you to count calories per meal and worry about whether you are cutting over 1200 calories or not. Because trust me, even if you were to eat say, 3 slices of pizza for your one meal a day (which is technically a pretty substantial amount considering you are trying to lose weight), you would at the most be eating 1000 calories. (most pizza is 200 calories more or less depending on the toppings)

3. You don’t have to be that person anymore.

You know there are times where you have to go out and eat and there are time where you just cannot avoid being in a social situation. I don’t know about you but for me, social encounters cannot simply occur without the existence of some kind of food. So you don’t have to be that person who’s like “oh, I’m on a diet. I can’t eat.” It’s pretty fucking stressful to do so.

4. Increase your productivity.

So I’m sure a lot of you guys are familiar with the term “2pm slump.” That’s when most people doze off after having lunch or a snack or some kind of a meal. I think if you just eat whatever you want in one meal (not saying that you should have a Christmas feast) you don’t really have to worry about that “2pm slump” any longer. Heck, you can even eat at 2am for all that matters. I don’t really think the time that you eat is important. I think the calories in and the calories out are important.


1. You may wind up going overboard.

Now the whole purpose of this diet is to eat ONE meal. And to consume that ONE delicious meal in moderation. For example, just because you’re given an allowance of 1200 calories per one meal, doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to get yourself 3 cinnamon buns. If you’re content with one just have one and leave. Remember that the less you eat the more you lose. That is one inevitable fact that we cannot deny.

Also you should remember that having little “munchies” after your one meal a day still contains calories. You would be surprised at how much calories your body is intaking from your daily snack routine. A handful of nuts can go up to over 200 calories per serving depending on the nut type and the size.

2. Less effective in muscle building

Let’s face it. If you were to have one meal per day, what would you have? Would you want to have a bland chicken breast salad or a greasy slice of cheese pizza? I would with no doubt go for the latter. Therefore, it might be a little bit less effective in muscle building.

To overcome this, you have to always remind yourself to make “alternate decisions.” Instead of cake, you could go with something with peanut butter (+Protein). Instead of pizza, you could go with roasted/fried chicken. (PROTEIN).

So yeah it is just really up to you.

I am currently not counting calories. I just generally research how much calories does (ex: a slice of cheese pizza) have and allow myself a certain amount and eat exactly that much. If I get hungry throughout that day (which doesn’t really happen once you get used to the diet) I have a glass of water or I make myself some detox juice to get rid of all that sodium intake from my one meal a day.

I would recommend 1200 calories or less for women 1700 calories or less for men if you are looking for rapid results. Working out is optional but I recommend moving around a lot and preferably going on the treadmill every day. Treadmill is the most effective calorie-burning workout I have ever performed so far. And never forget strength workouts too. I found my legs turning into massive jelly rolls after not doing squats for a while and my arms are just flabby right now. I really do have to get back on track from now on.

I think this is so far the best yet one of the riskiest diets I have ever been on. I will make sure I post my progress on my blog sooner or later. For now I have just so much stuff to do on my hands and I really need to go through with that or else I am in big trouble.

Pizza is delicious.

My Bucket List (Started 2014. 09. 21~ ∞ )

This post will forever be on editing mode for adding and deleting

Sally’s Bucket List

  1. Lose weight until I’m content
  2. Maintain healthy and slim
  3. Fit in a pair of 25-inch easily
  4. Learn 10+ languages (Korean, English, Chinese, French, Italian, German,  Arabic, Danish, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish or whatever)
  5. Go to a great university
  6. Go to a great high school
  7. Visit north Vancouver again..have a run at Norseman park, dine at sushi town, go shopping at Walmart and Safeway, drink strawberry banana smoothie, visit the pier……things that we normally did there
  8. Kiss in public
  9. Travel alone
  10. Travel with friends
  11. Travel with lover
  12. Get married in a European church
  13. Kiss in the rain
  14. Have sex
  15. Learn how to dance
  16. Join the choir in a church in a foreign country
  17. If I have kids, I don’t want to raise them in Korea. I want them to live in a better atmosphere
  18. Make internet friends
  19. Meet internet friends
  20. Go to conventions with internet friends
  21. Learn the world’s entire history
  22. Study mathematics from scratch – the real stuff.
  23. Write a book
  24. Compose a song
  25. Go to a concert
  26. Get more than 10k subs on YouTube
  27. Be a power blogger / featured blog
  28. Meet a celebrity
  29. Hold a concert in a local cafe, sing on the streets with friends
  30. Let loose in Vegas
  31. Learn how to play the piano
  32. Learn how to play the violin
  33. Learn how to play the guitar
  34. Learn how to sing
  35. Learn how to cook
  36. Learn chocolatier
  37. Have my own podcast
  38. Get my article published on the news or a magazine
  39. Make a best friend on every continent
  40. Go volunteering in a developing country
  41. Re-visit my schools and make speeches in each one ( Montroyal elementary, bumgye middle school, AFLH)
  42. Visit google plex
  43. Learn how to make digital art
  44. Learn how to paint and draw
  45. Learn coffee making
  46. Learn skiing
  47. Learn snowboarding
  48. Learn ice skating
  49. Learn swimming
  50. Participate in a school sports team in uni
  51. Keep my promise to never do drugs and cigarette
  52. Live with a flatmate
  53. Have a best guy friend – gay or straight it doesn’t matter
  54. Have 2 best friends I can trust my life with
  55. Go to a nude beach
  56. Run a marathon
  57. Learn horseback riding
  58. Visit china
  59. Visit japan
  60. Visit Australia
  61. Cross-country the United States
  62. Learn how to code
  63. Learn how to knit and give a knit scarf as a present to someone
  64. Learn the ukulele
  65. Learn photography
  66. Learn web designing
  67. Learn belly dancing
  68. Learn ballet
  69. Have a real Christmas
  70. Have a real thanksgiving
  71. Have a real Halloween
  72. Visit South America
  73. Visit Iloilo again
  74. Visit notable places of Canada
  75. Visit all the countries of Europe
  76. Visit Mexico
  77. Visit Russia
  78. Visit east-southern Asia
  79. Visit Africa
  80. Visit the arctic
  81. Go skydiving
  82. Visit a desert
  83. Visit a jungle
  84. Get a job that has a free atmosphere, something I feel passionate about, and needs me.
  85. When I grow old and retire, I want to either continue working as a professor or a travel writer….something like that.
  86. Read the entire bible
  87. Be on TV
  88. Have lunch with a foreign friend or a teacher (just really anyone I would know) in a Korean restaurant
  89. Show my foreign friends around Korea
  90. Have a girls night at my own place with my friends and discuss tv shows and celebrities. A real one.
  91. Have a whole pan of pizza to myself and not feel guilty
  92. Vote
  93. Fall in love
  94. Spend one entire day reading books
  95. Become a book nerd kind of girl
  96. Be beautiful without trying
  97. Attend a masquerade/ball
  98. Go partying like we see in the movies
  99. Cosplay in LA
  100. Go watch the Olympics/World Cup
  101. Keep my promise to be the studying type in university – never become basic
  102. Fall in love with a stranger while traveling (be safe)
  103. Develop my own app
  104. Make my own credit card
  105. Be famous
  106. Keep a diary
  107. Have one day with absolutely no worries and things to do
  108. Own a record player
  109. Have my own record collection
  110. Own an antique
  111. Bury a time capsule
  112. Have a family heirloom
  113. Own a typewriter
  114. Get my nails done with my own natural nails only

15 rules I follow to stay fit and healthy

I had posted about a week ago “10 rules of fitness.” This is the slightly edited version due to my new vegan approach. This is quite personalised so if you would like a more generalised version of the rules, please do check out my 10 rules of fitness post. 

<Rules of Fitness>

  1. Drink at least 2L of water every day.
  2. Never skip cardio.
  3. Early sleeper, early riser.
  4. Stick to being vegan!
  5. Never have processed sugar, gluten, carbs, artificial food colouring etc. Basically if you don’t know it, don’t eat it.
  6. Do morning yoga/exercises.
  7. “Eat less, weigh less” NO. “Eat smart, weigh smart.” YES.
  8. On the weekends, do a short-term juice cleanse. On the weekdays, stick to the eco-Atkins diet.
  9. Never think “Oh, it’s over” just because of one food you ate. Work that shit off.
  10. Don’t move how much you ate. Eat how much you moved.
  11. Less sodium = Less swelling = 🙂
  12. Allow yourself to one cheat day if needed!
  13. Always remind yourself of the long-term goal.
  14. Have a hot bath at least 4 times a week!
  15. Treat yourself to a reward that isn’t just food when you hit a milestone.

Well that’s it! I hope that helped somehow! Now I have to go to bed to restore my bedtime schedule!

Good Luck!


My new 500-calorie treadmill workout routine

So I have been kind of lazy with my workouts lately….Therefore I decided to give my workout a new boost to maybe challenge myself a little bit. I do 60 minutes of cardio workout every day…Or try to do so. As for strength workout, I am planning on doing half an hour of yoga every morning as soon as I get my sleep schedule back on track. (I don’t know why I can’t seem to work in the afternoon I really need to get my sh*t together).

And sometimes, when I feel like eating out of boredom, I dance to my favourite K-Pop music because K-Pop music has the most exerting dance moves with its tight choreography and it’s fairly fun to learn. Besides, I’m Korean. 😛

So, I got my inspiration from this website and I decided to follow through.

Quoting the website:

This treadmill plan is made up of 4 phases:

1. 10 minute warm-up.
2. Alternating intervals of 30 second all out sprints and 60 seconds of recovery jogging. During this phase aim to run as fast as you can for 30 seconds. If you are a beginner runner/ can’t run 7.5 mph, start at slower and build up speed, or shorten the sprint interval to 20 seconds. As you get stronger, increase the speed to 7.5 mph or more.
3. Alternating intervals of running and recovery jogging. Again, if running at 6.5 mph is too challenging, start slower and build your speed as your cardiovascular fitness increases. Equally, if you feel 6.5 mph feels too slow, by all means increase the speed.
4. 5 minute cool down.

Screenshot at Oct 14 03-29-33

What you see above is the recommended plan for beginners. But I have been on the treadmill for over 6 months now so I am planning on turning it up a notch by just turning up the speed a bit. The fundamental core of this plan is the alternations between sprinting and jogging. It would be amazing if you keep on jogging for the entire hour, but it is just honestly impossible for me, at least. You get tired and end up standing by the sides and just watching TV if you can relate to what I am saying here.

So, good luck! For more fitness posts and health issues, follow SimpleSeen! I also make youtube videos and language learning posts!


How to do the Atkins diet as a vegan: The Eco-Atkins Diet

So even before my transition to a vegan, I was on an Atkins diet or more commonly known as the low-carb diet. I think it has worked out for me pretty well since I dropped a good amount of weight on that diet. But I think there is a limit to the Atkins diet. After about 7kg of weight loss, it just didn’t work anymore. I mean, I have been slacking off on my workouts lately but it has come to my realisation that I just needed a new kick. Make it a lifestyle and give a little boost.

This is called the “Eco-Atkins Diet.” 

Now, I was kind of conflicted with my choice to become a vegan because protein is a main component of the Atkins diet and becoming a vegan will cause me to give up a good amount of protein resources like meats, fish, seafood, egg whites, dairy, et cetera. However, I realised that I did have so many other sources of protein such as tofu (I love tofu), avocado, lentils, beans, nuts, spinach, artichoke, grains, etc. And there are so many recipes online! Taste buds are important too, you know.

The only hardship of being on a eco-Atkins diet is that you can’t have that much carbs. During my usual Atkins diet, I only had carbs via my fruits and once when I had to take my vitamins because without carbs, it hurts slightly. I think I am just going to stick to the similar portion sizes but I will definitely switch up the kinds of foods I eat.

So instead of feasting on chicken breast for my protein, I would be eating tofu with seasoned sesame leaves. But since that can be bland sometimes, I am planning to make some vegan soups and maybe have some brown rice with lentil beans in it. So far, it feels okay.

And as for cheat days, as much as I would love to be vegan 7-days a week, I do have social situations where I cannot just be that one weird person who’s like ‘I’m sorry I’m vegan.’ That’s when I have cheat days. But I try my best not to have meat and other junk foods.

And the best part about this is, even after I reach my goal weight, I can continue on this lifestyle and maintain a healthy life as well as a beautiful body. Long term goals last, you know.

P.S. For vegans, it is easier to keep off the weight and it is easier to lose weight because….I mean do you have to ask?

Good Luck!